Practice Areas

Board Member & Business Advisor

Providing expert advice in a variety of industries such as marketing, management, operations, accounting, law, finance, & investment capital.

Educational Events & Public Speaking

David has become a highly sought after motivational speaker in a variety of topics, such as leadership, personal finance, litigation & arbitration, and economics.

Marketing Strategy

Developing long-term, forward-looking approaches for any organization with the fundamental goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage by understanding the needs of customers.

Critical Success Factors

David is devoted to creating awareness about key success factors (KSFs) for organizations & companies while illustrating the nuances of strategy in a variety of industries.

Community Outreach

David is commited to charitable and philanthropic efforts in business, and in his community advocacy. He has also sat on the board of numerous charitable organizations in his 20+ year career.

Litigation & Legal Consulting

As one of the top attorneys in the country, David has represented high-level clients including NCAA & Professional Athletes, Celebrities & Entrepreneurs aiding in contract negotiations, litigation, and other matters as a Sports Agent & Attorney.

Brand Development Expertise

Thriving on creating multi-stage processes with the ultimate goal of building brand equity. An intangible asset that cannot be tracked on a balance sheet.

Personal & Business Coaching

David loves supporting clients in achieving a specific personal or professional goals by providing expert training and guidance in a variety of industries.


David has an extensive history of representing integrity, justice, & professionalism on both sides of the courtroom.

Specializing in helping companies & clients reach their full potential!